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Videofied is a cutting-edge technology that provides peace of mind and enhanced protection for homes and businesses

Videofied is our video alarm technology with state of the art wireless technology, perfectly suited for remote areas where installation would normally be a challenge. This technology will typically be best suited on a farm walk way or the furthest part of a factory against a field or river.

The Videofied viewer will be triggered by movement and send a 10 second video clip to the Copwatch control room, who will view the footage and determine the appropriate response. The Videofied viewers are operated by batteries only and can last up to 4 years depending on the amount of triggers.

Flexible Purchase Options

Outright Purchased

Our outright purchase option includes the supply and install of the equipment, but the monthly monitoring and response is billed separately.

Outright purchased

Opt for our Outright purchase plan if you prefer owning the security system outright. This package covers the procurement and professional installation of your chosen equipment. However, the monthly charges for continuous monitoring and emergency response services are billed independently.

Monthly Rental

With our rental options we include supply, install, maintenance, monitoring and response. This option is the most popular as it suits the clients who are already used to a big guarding expense.

Monthly Rental

For clients accustomed to significant security costs, our Leasing Plan is the ideal solution. This comprehensive package not only includes the provision and setup of your security system, but also takes care of regular maintenance, consistent monitoring, and immediate response services. It's an all-in-one solution that appeals to many, making it our most popular choice.

Videofied introduction video

Videofied = “video” + “verified” — Every Videofied system should include at least one MotionViewer covering assets and key entrance points where a thief, vandal or trespasser could show up. Give your home or business the vision that delivers priority response and expedites arrests to stop real security threats… before costly damage is done.